There are two types of poker that you can play nowadays, the traditional live poker, and the innovative online poker. Even though both are very similar to each other, it turns out both have a lot of differences.

So, which one is better? If you would ask any poker player, there are pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages for both the live and online poker, however, you would be the judge. Listed below are some of the best comparisons between online poker and live poker courtesy of poker online bonus member baru.

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Bet sizes

In terms of this aspect, online poker’s bet size is modest. It is already a normal way for poker players to see large open raises when they are already comparing their blinds in live games, however, in online poker, you might have a chance for an open raise where the size is four to five times, however, in live games it is quite also normal to see raise that is higher than the latter for the intended blind. Sometimes there are even players who raise ten times the amount. The larger the bet size in live poker, while it has a smaller bet size in online poker.

Seeing the tells

In live poker, you can determine how important information is, for the fact that you get to see the real players when they are playing live poker where it provides them a lot of information from eye movement, body language and the way they raise, fold or flop their cards. However, online poker does not work that way. In online poker, you can only see how players deal with their cards and not their emotions which makes it completely challenging.

The game pace

In terms of the pace of the game, there is a huge difference between the speed of both online and live poker. In live poker, you can rarely see more than 30 hands in each hour of gameplay which makes it a lot slower game pace. In online poker, on the other hand, you would get to see more than sixty hands per hour which is double the size and rate in live poker which makes it have a faster game pace than the latter. This is very advantageous for players who love to play in multiple tables where they end up having 200 hands in a single hour and raise bigger pot size.

Game dynamics

The gaming dynamics of both online and live pokers are totally different. There is a different way to play these games, and both have different approaches that should be taken seriously. In live poker, your opponents can see you physically and they can interact with you physically across the table where you should be relaxed and should be passive when approaching the game or you will lose your focus, however, in online poker, it has a different approach knowing that you do not physically see your opponents, meaning you have to formulate new plans and strategies to gain the upper hand.